Hello, I am Sazzad a

I am doing development since 2008.

About Me

I work as freelancer where I help make the web a better place. As a freelance Developer & Designer I develop a showcase and platform that build brand identities and create successful campaigns.

I work with companies and agencies around the world seeking a Developer who can contribute to every stage of the creative process. I have 9 years experience on web development and WordPress. I have done more than 300 client’s work successfully. In the past years I’ve worked for many campaigns, personal consumer, technology, and lifestyle brands.

Outside of professional work, I keep myself busy by walking with my buddy’s, play game on my mobile. 

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
- Milton Glaser

My Work

Here are a few projects I worked on in the past.


WordPress Theme Development

I am building WordPress Theme since 2010. In this long time, I created lot of WordPress theme. Most theme are custom Theme for client’s website. I am a good Premium WordPress theme author too. I created 10+  premium WordPress theme to sell online.


WordPress Plugins Development

My WordPress Plugin creation is not very long like my WP Theme creation but I started building Plugins since 2013. In this time I have creates many plugins base on my client’s need. I have 7 opensource and free plugin on WordPress.org


Website Development for Clients

My first website was a <table> base site. I started building website professionally from 2008. So it is a long time and now I am building website on HTML5 & CSS3. I have build countless website honestly I can not remember the correct amount but I think it should be 500+  



TallyTheme is a WordPress theme shop. I was hired by the owner of TallyTheme on January 2015 and My Job was build the main site including the store. It took 1 month to finish the site.



DigitaSolution is also a WordPress theme shop. The site is not in business now. I was hired to build the main site and the framework theme. It was the same owner of TallyThemes.



HTML5Load is a HTML5 Template shop. It was one of my latest project. The project was finished on January 2017 and I was hired to build the main site and some stater templates.



A we development team started with 3 people. I was the lead developer. My job was complete client’s site with a creative team. I really miss 3DevStudio a lot. 



WPMania is WordPress theme shop. My position was a Theme Developer. My job was create new theme, bug fix, customer support.



Yes, you are looking at it. Yes, it is my personal portfolio site. Thanks for visiting my site. You know I don’t get free time to spend some time for my site.

Websites should look good from the inside and out.
- Paul Cookson

What I do?

I am a Full Stack WordPress Web Developer, who do user-friendly custom made multilangual (WPML) WordPress themes & site from scratch.

eCommerce Site

I have a great experience on WordPress eCommerce. Mostly I use WooCommerce for develop eCommerce site of my client.

Small Business Website

In past 7 years. I have created more that 200 small business website. 80% of sites are WordPress based site.

WordPress Development

I can create any type of site on WordPress. Do you know WordPress is the most Populer CMS.

Premium WP Theme

I already created many Premium WordPress Theme for Premium Theme company TallyThemes.com

WordPress Plugin Creation

I can create custom WordPress Plugin for you. Even I can customize any plugin for your need.

WordPress Theme Creation

I can create custom WordPress Theme for your business. All my theme are SEO friendly and mobile responsive.

WordPress Plugin Customization

I can customize any WordPress Plugin. If you have a plugin that need some improvement of changes I can do it for you

WordPress Theme Customization

If you have a Free or Premium WordPress theme and if you need to customize it for your site I am here to help you.


I can convert PSD template to HTML5 /CSS3 web template. If you need retina-ready and Mobile responsive, I can do that too.

PSD to WordPress

I can convert any PSD template to a functional WordPress theme. All design will be pixel-perfect and the design will be mobile responsive. I just don't build custom theme I build a fully functional site.

HTML / CSS Design

HTML and CSS are the base of a webpage. I have good knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3. I really love the CSS3. It just give me more options to make a website more interactive without JavaScript.

Email Template

I can crate responsive email template for your business. My created email template will display same on all major email client. it will be mobile responsive.

Websites should look good from the inside and out.
- Paul Cookson

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Get In Touch

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